2011 Toyota Highlander Tour: My New Toy!

This video introduces you to the vehicle I bought to replace my 2006 Dodge Magnum Sport Wagon. I purchased a 2011 Toyota Highlander. I want to drive to places my car would never have reached. Plus, my car had become too expensive to keep fixing and was no longer worth fixing.

I had gone on a Saturday to look at two Toyota Highlanders at Williston Economy Motors. There was this one with 156,000 miles and a 2010 with 210,000. The latter was $2000 cheaper. The latter had an electronic issue with the radio. I don’t typically do much with testing a radio, but it’s a good thing a friend was with me. She turned it on and we discovered even with the volume at 22, it was very hard to hear. Plus, the radio dial would show the numbers going up and down when trying to increase or decrease the volume. I had a car years ago with electrical problems. They are never ending. I decided I didn’t want that one immediately due to my experience with my first car, a 1972 Dodge Dart.

I returned on Monday to test drive this one and take it to my mechanic. He found it needed a brake job, both pads and rotors, I knew the windshield was cracked, an inspection sticker for 2023 and I had discovered the driver’s side mirror didn’t move. (And they wanted $12,000 for it BEFORE fixing these basic things!!!)

I returned and told them I wanted these items fixed before buying it. The manager came out and told me my car could never be inspected again. The irony? THEIR vehicle was NOT inspectable! They offered and I accepted $1000 for my baby. He specifically mentioned the rusty rocker panels. My car needed far more than new panels!

In the end, they replaced the windshield, fixed the brakes and inspected it. They replaced the mirror with another used one. “To match the paint color”. The mirror STILL doesn’t work. And YES, I had considered telling them to shove it. He offered me $100. After some discussion, he offered me $200. Ultimately, he gave me $300.

Thing is, I drove a car I had LOVED for nearly the entire 13 years I had owned it. I don’t love the one I bought. It’s serviceable, but doesn’t stand out. I’ll never find it in a parking lot! Yes, it’s a far superior brand to Dodge. And I’m still not feeling it. I have 30 days or less than 1000 miles to decide if I want to keep it. At this moment, I am not sure.

Maybe I’ll come to the conclusion this was a good decision. The dealership did NOTHING to make my purchase feel good. Would I buy from them again? No.



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The interior of my new-to-me toy!

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