The Car Saga Continues

In this video, I explain my experiences with four different calls to GEICO. I used to love their service. Holy guacamole! NOT anymore! This experience has left me wondering “what the heck happened to my really great insurance company???” <heavy sigh>

First call was my reporting I needed a tow because my car wouldn’t shift out of park. Pretty standard stuff. The woman I spoke to was apologetic about my predicament and told me she would get a tow truck to me. She’d also send me a text with the tow truck contact info and ETA. Fantastic!

I had called a friend after talking to the rep above. I realized after awhile that I hadn’t received the tow truck info. I ended my call to my friend and called GEICO a second time.

Second call to GEICO and a different female rep. “Oh yeah. We tried to contact you…” (No, for the record, there is NO text from them at all for this particular tow.) Back to GEICO: There’s no tow tonight. It would be so late… “How late? How many hours are we talking? I’ll set my alarm.” Her harsh response was “NO! NOT TONIGHT! If you don’t feel safe, call 911.” Her care and concern were duly noted. She also stated I could call the local police number. I asked her for it, which she gave me. (I had very spotty internet. Note also, the police did not answer the phone. I should have asked for the dispatch office number.) As for this woman from GEICO, I could practically feel her shrug over the phone. 0 empathy for my predicament.

Third call to GEICO I spoke to yet another woman. Given her thick southern drawl, I asked where she was located. “Georgia” was her reply. She was abundantly helpful and sympathetic. After several times on hold with her, she told me she had dispatched a tow truck to me and GEICO’s standard was within 60 minutes. I was so elated, I was dancing on cloud 9!!

In between calls 2 and 3, I had texted a friend my location. She woke her husband, so they could drive 1.25 HOURS to come and pick me up. PICK ME UP BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T WANT ME TO SLEEP IN MY CAR IN AN UNFAMILIAR PLACE. Due to the info from the rep, I told my friends not to come for me. My friends asked if the tow truck driver would give me a ride home. I was tired, I hadn’t thought to ask. Told my friends I’d call and ask.

Fourth call to GEICO and I was on hold for 35 minutes. That was the longest hold yet. The man who picked up told me there was no ticket in the system for any tow whatsoever. Thus, THERE WAS NO TOW TRUCK COMING WITHIN THE HOUR!! What on earth??? That third GEICO rep should be fired. There is no excuse for her behavior.

The man put me on hold several times. He scheduled a tow for 10 am Sunday morning. He stated I did NOT need to be present. (My friends were willing to drive me back up the next day, though. I did not tell him that, though.)

As for the tow on Sunday morning, it didn’t happen. I called the toeing company, which had called me multiple times that morning. I had slept through their calls after being up all night. I was so upset, I couldn’t sleep. Yes, I had set my alarm. Don’t know what happened with that, to be honest.

By the time I called them, they were back in their area working. They had to give up other calls for tows because they were far out of their area and they only had one driver on and available. I begged them to go back. When the owner heard me say my car was parked in front of the post office, he told me GEICO had not included that information. His driver had been only 2.6 miles away. Had the driver known that, he would have found my car easily. I told him which road I’d been on that led me to park in front of the post office. He knew immediately where my car was. That said, he still wasn’t sure if he could send his driver back up.

About 1.5 hours later, I received a call from the towing company owner again. He was going to send the truck back up for my car. I thought I was going to cry. Such an emotional rollercoaster I was on! I thanked him profusely and stated I was wide awake should the driver have any questions!

About 2 hours later, I opted to call the towing company again to see about my “baby”. I stated my name and that my car was stuck in Montgomery. The owner’s response was “not anymore!”. He went on to say my car was about 5 minutes away from being dropped off at my mechanic’s. I could have wept tears of joy!

Thompson Towing is my hero in this GEICO debacle. They are based in Milton, Vermont. If I ever need another tow, I’ll call them first. I feel like they pulled out all the stops for me.

As for my friends who waited for my call back? They had already decided they would come pick me up regardless. Plus, they refused my offers to fill their gas tank. Their van no more sips than my wagon! Their reasoning was they call me for rides when they need them and I oblige. Friends helping friends…

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