Strolling Lakeview Cemetery #12

I strolled another section of Lakeview Cemetery recently.  The day was absolutely resplendent with sunshine and blue skies as far as the eye could see!  And the temp was in the 70’s…

When Lakeview Cemetery in Burlington, Vermont opened to the public in 1872, it was as a Victorian Lawn Park cemetery. Its design was meant to encourage people to visit. They were expected to walk the intentionally laid paths (now seven miles of them!), commune with nature, enjoy the fresh air and lake view. As well as picnic with family and friends both alive and not.

The first burial was in 1800. There are one 10,300 graves. In fact, Lakeview Cemetery still allows burials.

Striking how there is no center grave monument to give us full names and dates. Their last name was Stegman, which is in raised lettering on the right wall, where leaves have gathered.

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