The Foote Mansion: State Register of Historic Places!

“…The Victorian farmhouse on Vermont Route 125 [is] about 3.5 miles west of Middlebury. This house had been in a derelict state for many years and was locally known as the Ghost House, but was recently restored. Built in 1890, the Foote mansion has been a popular photographic landmark along Route 125 between the Lake Champlain Bridge and Middlebury.

This house was built for Rollin A Foote, and is listed on the Vermont State Register of Historic Places. In 1879 he formed a copartnership with his son, Abram W. Foote, for the sale of hay and agricultural implements and built up a prosperous trade. The Footes made a specialty of breeding
matched horses. Rollin’s son, Abram who also lived on the homestead, was born in Cornwall, Vermont on October 24, 1862 and was educated in Middlebury, he was a farmer and businessman, with interests in banking, insurance and other companies.

He organized the Cornwall Telephone Company and built the first line from Addison County to Burlington, a venture he later sold to New England Telephone. A Republican, he served in several local offices in Cornwall and was a member of the Vermont House of Representatives from 1900 to 1901. Abram Foote was elected Addison County Assistant Judge in 1902, and reelected in 1904. He again won election to the Vermont House in 1914, serving one term. Abram Foote won election to the Vermont Senate in 1916, serving from 1917 to 1919. In 1920, he was elected Lieutenant Governor and served from 1921 to 1923.”-

Such a gorgeous and eye-catching color! This house truly stands out!

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