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Burlington High School Exterior Walkaround: Part 2


My High School is going to be torn down. The plan is to build on the same site and the fifth incarnation of Burlington High School will be built. As I wrote that, my throat tightened and tears formed in my eyes. I have so many great memories of my time spent there. In this video, I share a variety of those memories with you.

Note I filmed only the exterior. I approached the Burlington School District, both in person and via voicemail, about filming the interior for posterity. I received an email asking how the School District can facilitate this. I responded in the manner requested, a phone call, and the guy never answered his phone! I’m still abundantly willing to sign a stack of waiver forms to make it happen! And I’m willing to do so because we must have a visual record for posterity. The first graduating class was 1965. I’m betting the last physical graduating class was 2019. (Please correct me in the comments below, if I’m wrong. If so, I’ll update my description here.) Graduates, teachers and other staff will die and there will be no one left to ask. A video can be forever.

BHS was abandoned in 2020 and students have been attending a makeshift high school at the former Macy’s building in downtown Burlington, once it was appropriate to do so during the pandemic.

My vision of recording the interior:

the stairwells
the halls
the classrooms
the gymnasium
the locker rooms
the auditorium
the cafeteria
the kitchen
the teacher’s dining area
the teacher lounges
the teachers’ offices or cubicles
the library
the principal’s office
the admin area
the boiler room
the custodial break room
the custodial closets
Pearl’s switchboard office (OK, I’m dating myself!)

It’s important that anyone involved with BHS would be represented. From students to teachers to all other staff to be included because it truly takes a village to have a school. I want to be that videographer to bring the place to life. I wonder if Lainey’s (i.e. Mrs. Finnerty/Ms. Zak/Mrs. Dates) Latin classroom is still painted insanely??? It cannot possibly still be given the number of years I’ve been out of school! I do wonder, though… 🙂

In the comments below, share your BHS memories! I want to continue traveling down memory lane for a bit longer. In 2023, I’ll be celebrating my 40th high school reunion whilst a new high school will break ground.

Thanks for watching! I truly appreciate it!


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