45 Years Living in Vermont: Happy Anniversary to Me!

Well, today’s video is about my celebration of living here in Vermont for 45 years now. 45 years!

When Mom and I moved here, “Transplant Vermonter” was a thing. The idea was if a person hadn’t been born here, but instead moved here, then that person should not call themselves a “Vermonter”. I can’t recall hearing that anymore, but I’ve never called myself a Vermonter because of it. That said, some folks in a cemetery (where else, right??) and I were chatting. He was born and raised here. I commented on what I’ve written above. He asked me if I’ve paid taxes here. And then some! He told me “in that case, you’re a Vermonter!”. Such a nice young fellow. What do you think? Does 45 years qualify as a Vermonter now?

If you enjoy hearing my cat, Sargie, you’ll hear him plenty! Bonus! He makes an appearance on camera! Plus, you’ll get to watch him tapping me with his paw. Perhaps for more attention?

Where the heck am I supposed to look??? I can’t seem to find my center! 🤭

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