Could Dr. Baxter Have Killed His Children?

Yesterday’s video was on Highgate Manor. In today’s video, I found the graves of Dr. Henry Baxter and his family. The oldest child was merely 6 years at the time of death. So sad.

“…Local legend says that the children of a doctor who once owned the [Highgate Manor] and performed experiments on them have remained in the house since they died.[2]…

Dr. Henry Baxter…opened his practice in the manor, where there are still blood stains on the floor in what is now the library. It is believed that he performed experiments on his children, most of which did not live past the age of ten.[2]…”-

Tombstones L-R: Dr. Baxter, his wife, Adelia, 4 of their children in a straight line and 1 behind them.

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