Strolling Lakeview Cemetery: Part 4

In today’s video I am strolling an area of Burlington,Vermont’s Lakeview Cemetery I’ve never walked before. It is near my usual “stomping grounds”, but just enough off to the side that it is new territory.

I invite you to join me as I stroll it. I recall my curiosity over the three slabs of spaced concrete on the ground. Given how soft that ground was, though, I had to forgo standing there because I was sinking!

When Lakeview Cemetery in Burlington, VT opened to the public in 1872, it was as a Victorian Lawn Park cemetery. Its design was meant to encourage people to visit. They were expected to walk the intentionally laid paths (now seven miles of them!), commune with nature, enjoy the fresh air and lake view. As well as picnic with family and friends both alive and not.

A section of Lakeview Cemetery I had never before explored. Note the three slabs of concrete just behind the closest to us headstone. I wonder what they will support…

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