Mt. Calvary Annex Cemetery: Part 2

Today’s video is Part 2 of my recent visit to the Mt. Calvary Annex Cemetery located in Burlington, Vermont. I complete the west side of the cemetery.

It opened in the 1920’s and plots may still be available. I had been in that neighborhood about a week before and noticed a large area on that side had been cleared by a front loader.

“After forty years in service, more space was needed for future expansion. An exchange was arranged with the Ladies of Nazareth for a large plot of land, consisting of about three acres on the south side of the original cemetery, across Pomeroy Street. The Burlington firm of Mclntosh & Crandall, Civil Engineers, was engaged in 1920 to draw up a plan for dividing the land into grave lots in an organized manner. The result was ninety lots consisting of seven hundred and forty graves. In the summer of 1921, the Mount Calvary Cemetery Annex was fenced in and seeded into lawn.”-

Mt. Calvary Annex Cemetery located in Burlington, Vermont may still have plots available.

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