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The Mintzer House: Worker Housing in Burlington, Vermont


Today’s video is about a house built on Intervale Avenue in Burlington, Vermont as worker housing. The storefront that had been attached was a grocery. It’s long since been removed. It is also on the National Register of Historic Places.

“The Mintzer House is a historic house at 175-177 Intervale Avenue in Burlington, Vermont. Built as a single-family home about 1898, it is well-preserved example of vernacular Colonial Revival architecture built as worker housing. Now a duplex, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2008.[1]

The Mintzer House stands near the northernmost extent of Burlington’s Old North End neighborhood, on the west side of Intervale Avenue roughly midway between Willow and Oak Streets. It is a two-story wood frame structure, with a gabled roof, stone foundation, and an exterior finished in a combination of wooden clapboards and shingles. A recessed porch extends partway along the left side, with an outside sheltered stairway providing access to a rear porch on the same side. The front of the house has a three-part window on the ground floor with stained glass detailing. The interior retains a number of original Colonial Revival details, especially in what is now the second-floor unit.[2]

The area where the Mintzer House stands was rural for many years. Even though a subdivision including its parcel was laid out in 1855, the house was not built until about 1898, and has seen a succession of working-class immigrant residents. The earliest documented resident was William Bessette, a French Canadian, who was a barber. In 1906 it was acquired by the Mintzer family, Russian Jewish immigrants. About 1919 a commercial storefront was added to the front, and part of the building was used as a small shop. This storefront was later removed, when the building was converted to two-family use.[2]”-

The Mintzer House in Burlington, Vermont is on the National Register of Historic Places.
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