The Bedside Book of Death: Book Recommendation

Today’s video is a Book Recommendation of one of my favorite books ever: THE BEDSIDE BOOK OF DEATH by Robert Wilkins. Published in 1990, I have enjoyed it for many, many years.

There is no need to read it from the first chapter to the last, unless that’s your preference. Nope, feel free to jump around and take in what the author is sharing.

This is an interesting, informative and entertaining read for those of us who enjoy the macabre.

So glad it’s STILL available for purchase both new and used!

From Amazon:

“Filled with bizarre anecdotes and illustrated with ghoulish images, this most unusual bedside companion records the lengths to which people throughout history have gone to cope with fears of being buried alive, of being defiled after death, of disintegrating in tombs, of being forgotten, and of coming to ignominious ends.”

Such an interesting and GREAT read! The book is too short!

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