“Welcome All Things Childhood”

I was in Resurrection Park the other day when I noticed a monument.

This monument was erected by a Catholic family to honor “the abused, aborted and abandoned”. It included a bench with the saying “Welcome All Things Childhood” engraved on both the front and back. I found it intriguing and perhaps you will as well.

Resurrection Park is a cemetery located in South Burlington, Vermont. It is the largest Catholic cemetery in the state.

Standing in Resurrection Park, located in South Burlington, Vermont. Photo snapped on January 7, 2022.

One thought on ““Welcome All Things Childhood”

  1. This cemetery always leave me at peace. but other some reason spook me. one by st mikes and fanny allen spooke my at night same with fanny Allen behind the hospital. Thanks patrica for the post. some reason the eldgerege one buy airport spook me at night too. dont know why. god bless you all.

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