Bisbee Molly Singing Her Original Song!

I present to you another video I filmed years ago in Bisbee, Arizona. This was looooong before I had my YouTube channel.

I had flown out to visit a good friend. We always visit music venues to hear the local talent perform. And when I say “music venues “, I mean bars. There’s no cover charge, the performers have tip jars out and buying a water is good enough to enjoy the local talent.

Molly is a singer/songwriter in Bisbee, Arizona. The song in today’s video was written by her. I recorded this a few years ago in Bisbee when I traveled there to visit a good friend. This was long before I had created my YouTube channel. Molly was performing at the Stock Exchange. (By the way, that building is available for sale. I think it’s on the market for about $1,000,000…)

Molly playing at “The Stock” in Bisbee, Arizona.

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