Malletts Bay Cemetery in Vermont: Part 2

Today’s video is Part 2 of my visit to the Malletts Bay Cemetery in Vermont. We’ll definitely visit a well-loved grave. Someone shoveled a path to it and the snow is packed down from someone’s visits. There are many tokens of love displayed, including one burning candle! This was the first time I ever saw a candle actually burning in a container! And I captured it on camera…

You’ll also be treated to me taking a misstep. Apparently, there was a hole under the snow. My toes pitched forward even deeper. The camera/phone comes down. I’m pretty sure I said “oof”. Also pretty sure I didn’t swear. No phones were damaged nor person hurt. (I was only trying to snap a photo of the child’s grave behind the headstone I “leaned” into.) Geez…

“…Malletts Bay Cemetery with a view of the lake. This cemetery is located on West Lakeshore Drive across from the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Fishing Access and next to a private residence and an empty lot – good thing there is a view!

According to Morin, this cemetery is just about full. From what we can tell, Julius Dudley was one of the grantors of at least one-quarter acre in 1836, but “there’s no deed,” according to a conversation with Joyce Sweeney some years ago. Joyce remembers her father saying that a Brownell gave some land . . . “It’s always been a family-oriented cemetery,” she added, and a look at some of the headstones confirms this with families such as Thayer, Prim, Barstow, Spear, Porter and Coates. In earlier times, the cemetery was known as “North Beach,” with the name “South Beach” assigned to the Champlain Cemetery located in the Clay Point area of town.”-

Someone is still much-loved.

Photo snapped on December 31, 2021.

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