CLOSED! Aubuchon Hardware in South Burlington, Vermont!

In today’s video I share a personal story about why I chose to become a regular customer at my Aubuchon Hardware store. And I do so because I discovered when I went to buy my annual bag of sand, there was a sign on the door stating it had closed after 20 years at that location in South Burlington, Vermont.

I bought my first place in 2017, which was a joyous occasion. I needed to paint every nook and cranny because the 90’s wanted its paint scheme back! (Off-white walls with a lavender sponge treatment. Ugh!)

I was chatting with someone about paint and she told me the two best were Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore. Since I was nearest a Sherwin-Williams, I opted to start there.

As I walked into the store, there was a male clerk restocking. As soon as he saw me, he scurried around the corner and down an aisle never to be seen again. Odd, but OK.

There was a woman behind a counter who saw me. She turned on her heel and walked into the backroom. (Did I forget to use my deodorant??)

Thankfully, my experience at Aubuchon was the polar opposite! And Steven, the manager at the time, was wonderful.

Watch my video for the full story and how Aubuchon stole me away! Now, THEY deserved my business!

My Aubuchon Hardware store in South Burlington, Vermont closed as of December 26, 2021. This photo snapped on December 27, 2021.

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