Thomas Chittenden Cemetery in Williston, Vermont: Visit 2

We’ll meet some members of the Thomas Chittenden family in this video.

This is the second half of my visit to the Thomas Chittenden Cemetery in Williston, Vermont.

Two people in the YouTube comments “highly recommended” I visit today’s location: the Thomas Chittenden Cemetery. It’s also known as both the Chittenden Cemetery and the Old Williston Cemetery and is located in Williston, Vermont. It is likely obvious it is named for Thomas Chittenden, first governor of Vermont and first settler of Williston. (And YES, I DO have a video on him!)

As I walked this place, I was completely amazed by how nearly all the headstones were standing and CLEAN! Kudos to whoever repaired and cleaned these gravestones! That’s no small feat. There were a few down the hill that were leaning, but only 1 had fallen. I’m very impressed. You know how many cemeteries I’ve visited and have seen the devastation with me. The Chittenden Cemetery was a breath of fresh air!

Pro tip: If you’re going to use Google Maps, GM will only recognize “Chittenden Cemetery” to get you there.

I absolutely LOVE metal grave markers like this one! And it is one of two at the Thomas Chittenden Cemetery in Williston, Vermont. Photo snapped in December 2021.

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