Richmond Village Cemetery in Richmond, Vermont: #2

Today’s video is the second and final one on the Richmond Village Cemetery in Richmond, Vermont. The sun is setting and I am walking the area that seems to have some of the wealthier citizens. There are larger family plots with some impressively-sized monuments.

I did not walk the farthest area at the end. That section was up another hill and I could see no good/safe foothold. I’m not even sure there would be a good place in the summertime.

I recently walked the Richmond Village Cemetery, which is also known as the Old Village Cemetery. What I can say about that walk is how uneven and unpleasant the ground was. There was snow on the ground, but it wasn’t deep. The snow was somewhere between a dusting and maybe an inch.

The cemetery isn’t very large, likely less than an acre.  I walked all but the farthest area because it was uphill and I couldn’t see a safe place for a good foothold.

There are far too many leaning, broken and fallen headstones. There was even one obelisk-style grave marker, which seemed to be missing its base.

Given just within the last hour I was reading about the history of some of the buildings in Richmond, Vermont, I can better appreciate some of the names I came upon there. Hapgood comes to mind, for instance.

Please join me in my walk of the Richmond Village Cemetery. Let’s look at these gravestones together.

Richmond Village Cemetery in Richmond, Vermont. Photo snapped in December 2021.

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