Old Methodist Church Cemetery in Colchester, Vermont

I took a stroll through all of the Old Methodist Church Cemetery in Colchester, Vermont yesterday. Google Maps did not know where it was. Good thing I did!

As long as there’s no snow in the forecast, I’m still able to visit cemeteries in this area. I’m thrilled about that to be honest. I appreciate being able to film them for you and to pay my last respects.

Unfortunately, there are multiple broken tombstones. The Vermont Old Cemetery Association (VOCA) has offered in the past training on how to repair broken headstones. I’d love to see the Town of Colchester participate in such a training.

Should you visit, you’ll see my lone footprints walking up to the graves of US Civil War Union soldiers and so many others. I also saw a single chair in front of a headstone. The chair was dusted with snow.

“The Methodist Cemetery

On to the Methodist Cemetery. Fanny Munson, daughter of William Munson, one of the town’s earliest settlers and largest landowners, donated the land on which a brick Methodist church was erected in 1839. The church’s location, according to H.F. Walling’s 1857 map of Chittenden County, was roughly where the present Claussen’s Greenhouse now stands on Main Street, Vermont 2A.

The congregation later moved to its second church, where the Colchester Center Volunteer Fire Station now stands, and the deed for the first parcel was returned to Fanny Munson, according to Degree’s article. Although both the Village and the Methodist Cemeteries were associated with churches, they were never the property of either church; still, it can be assumed that burial in the early days was reserved for church members and their families.”- https://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/story/news/2018/06/30/history-space-cemeteries-colchester/36522643/

The Old Methodist Church Cemetery in Colchester, Vermont. Photo snapped on November 29, 2021.

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