My 2021 Behind-the-Scenes Video

Well, today’s video is my behind-the-scenes look at what it takes for me to produce a video for you.  It’s been a few months coming, but I finally got 100 and now 101 subscribers! 

Thank you for subscribing to my channel!  It means a lot to me.  I’m thrilled you’ve put your trust into my channel and are looking forward to what I upload next.

What this video includes:

This is my thank you gift to those 100+ subscribers.

How do I decide what to film?
Why I changed my selection style
Equipment I use
Equipment failures
Patricia failures (so numerous!)
Fellow human being antics (WHY???)
I’ll end with 2 creepy experiences I had with fellow human beings in 2 different cemeteries.  So creepy, my gut said “GET AWAY!”

This is Patricia and I am Traveling for History!!

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