Egyptian Mummy Buried in Middlebury, Vermont!

A HUGE shout-out to the Middlebury, Vermont couple I met at the Evergreen Cemetery in New Haven, Vermont!  Stunningly, we were there to see the SAME GRAVE! (The grave of Dr. Timothy Clark Smith who was terrified of being buried alive.)  That had never happened before! 

We began talking about interesting places to visit because they enjoy taking weekend jaunts to explore their area.  I suggested a few places I had found particularly intriguing.  And then the wife asked if I’d ever heard of the Egyptian Mummy Buried in Middlebury, Vermont.  “Heck no!  Do tell!!”  She read me the story, I was hooked and a month later I finally got there to film it.

Today’s video is a fascinating and sad tale.  It includes:

-Grave robbers
-An Egyptian prince
-A dissatisfied museum owner
-The aftermath

This is the story of Amum-Her-Khepesh-Ef… 

“Amum-Her-Khepesh-Ef (“Amun Is with His Strong Arm”) (died ca. 1883 BC) was the supposed son of Pharaoh Sen Woset and Queen Hathor-Hotpe [sic].

He died at the age of two and was interred in Egypt, likely Dahshur. His mummy was stolen by graverobbers and purchased by Henry Sheldon from some visiting Spanish sailors in New York in 1886 for display in his museum. However, the mummy arrived in such poor condition that it was relegated to the attic.[1] After his death, it remained there until 1945, when a curator named George Mead came across it. Fearing that the mummy might be dug up by student pranksters if buried whole,[2] he had it cremated in his neighbor’s furnace in 1950 and interred in his family plot, with a suitable headstone.[3] His grave is next that of General Hastings Warren and near that of Vermont Representative Daniel Chipman[4]”-

Amum-Her-Khepesh-Ef’s grave at West Cemetery in Middlebury, Vermont.

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