Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cemetery: Charlotte, Vermont: Focus on Quinlan Family!


Today’s video is the rest of my walk of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cemetery in Charlotte, Vermont.  I found the “largest stone” grave marker of the Quinlan family.  You may recall my video earlier this week on Quinlan’s Covered Bridge.  Same family. 

The upper portion of the cemetery wasn’t the quagmire of the lower portion as one might expect.  Plus, I saw the cross, which is situated all the way at the top.

Brief history of the Quinlan family:

“…The largest stone belongs to the Quinlan family, erected to honor John Quinlan, the man who led a group of thirty Catholic families in the building of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

John Quinlan was a prosperous farmer and devout Catholic. He came to Charlotte in 1844, starting out by chopping wood and selling it for 25 cents acord. He saved enough money for a down payment on 240 acres of land near Lewis Creek. As he could he purchased more land until eventually his holdings totaled 1100 acres.”-https://olmcvt.org/church-history

Photographed in November 2021.

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