Morningside Cemetery in Charlotte, Vermont

Morningside Cemetery is in a rural area of Charlotte, Vermont.  In fact, before I turned onto Morningside Drive, I wondered if Google Maps were sending me down someone’s driveway again!  And that’s because there was a barn and plenty of farmland right there. But, no.  Although, GM DID try to get me to drive 1.1 miles down into an area clearly marked as “private property”!  Thankfully, I had noticed a gravel path just after the tree line.  Looked over and there was the cemetery.  The gate was only wide enough to walk through, though.

Once inside, I found two graves with wooden crosses!  They had smaller headstones as well.  Wooden crosses become lost to time here.  So, I’m glad there are stone markers for them, too.

When East Burying Ground was abandoned by 1836, South Burying Ground was then used. Morningside had been South Burying Ground.

Also, Cyrus Pringle is buried there. The front of his headstone states “Prindle”. On the back is a bronze plaque with HIS spelling of “Pringle”. After he died, family members over-ruled how he spelled his name for their preferred version. The University of Vermont chose to honor him when they named the Pringle Herbarium after him.

How his family chose to spell his last name.
The actual spelling of Cyrus Pringle’s last name.


Morningside Cemetery was established as a community burial ground in the late 1700s. It was conveyed in 1917 to a newly-formed nonprofit corporation. The Trustees of Morningside Cemetery Association have actively managed the historic property to the present day.


The cemetery is located on Morningside Drive, which is about ¼-mile south of the intersection of Spear Street and Charlotte-Hinesburg Road. There are currently over 500 burial plots for generations of Charlotters and family members. Attentive maintenance and improvement initiatives are ongoing. There is still some space available for additional plots.”-

Morningside Cemetery in Charlotte, Vermont. November 2021

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