East Burying Ground aka Bradley Cemetery Addendum

When I visited the East Burying Ground aka Bradley Cemetery in Charlotte, Vermont, I was traipsing over leaves, which were everywhere.  I was there on a Saturday afternoon.  On Sunday night, I felt an itchy and burrowing sensation on my stomach.  I had never felt the second sensation ever before.  I lifted my shirt to see what the heck was going on.  What I saw was a tiny black spider on me.  I am afraid of spiders.  So, you can imagine my freak out.  I grabbed a Kleenex, reached down and pinched that spider into oblivion!

When I looked at the Kleenex to make sure it was squished, I saw the legs still moving on my body!  What?!?!??? 

So, I reached down again, grabbed hold of this thing and pulled.  It was stuck to my body!  What the heck is this thing???  I pulled slowly with some extra power and finally removed it.  As I tossed it in the watery grave of the toilet, I noted its legs were still running, even as I flushed.

I went to the internet to see what ticks look like.  And behold!  That’s the thing that was on me!  I hadn’t realized they were in the arachnid family…they are related to SPIDERS!!  Ugh! 

There is a danger of leaving the head attached, if it’s not removed properly.  The article I read stated if the legs are moving after it’s been detached from the host body, then its head is still on the tick.  Ta-da!  Nothing was left on or in me!

I also called my doctor’s office on Monday morning.  I’m supposed to keep watch for the Lyme disease bullseye, which can show up anywhere on the skin and not merely the tick attack area and flu-like symptoms.  Since it had not been 30-36 hours of that thing being on me, that’s why I’ve not been put on a course of antibiotics.

I’ve no symptoms to report at this time.  Hallelujah!

My admonition is to be careful when walking in the woods.  Given the awful weather that day and how cold it’s been at night, I’m surprised ticks were even alive.  If you opt to visit that cemetery, you may have new little friends join you for the ride home.

2 thoughts on “East Burying Ground aka Bradley Cemetery Addendum

  1. Patricia, I am so glad you got rid of the tick, but I was worried for you when seeing you out in the lousy weather we had on Saturday, in a place with such bad walking conditions. Not worth it. Take care of yourself! We love ya.

    1. That’s very kind of you to say, Marge. Truly appreciate it!

      I had no fresh material. Thus, recording on a miserable rainy day. I’ll be going out shortly today to capture more interesting places. Can hardly wait to share them with you!

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