TEASER VIDEO for the Lampson School in New Haven, Vermont

Today’s video, https://youtu.be/gAFG2W29ba8, is a TEASER for an upcoming video on the former Lampson School in New Haven, Vermont.  Why a teaser?  Well…

TRUE STORY!  The day I drove to record the East Shoreham Covered Railroad Bridge, I had four targets in mind.  They were the aforementioned bridge, the East Shoreham Cemetery, the Union Church & the Lampson School.  The cemetery and bridge were 3 minutes apart and the latter buildings are across the street from one another! 

Unfortunately, by the time I drove to New Haven, the sun had set.  My camera may seem to turn night into day, but it wasn’t true that time!  I had to return to film those 2 buildings, which I did a couple of days later. 

When I arrived, I reached into my camera rig bag where I also keep my info sheets/scripts.  To my horror, those 2 sheets were NOWHERE to be found!  This was the second time I was far from home and without internet access and didn’t have my information!  SECOND TIME!!  Ugh…

Luckily, I recalled nearly all the pertinent details of the Union Church and was able to film it.  Unfortunately, ’twas not so for the school.  I plan to return to New Haven again soon to record a few more places, including the Lampson School!

To quote the great Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon!!” 

The (Former) Lampson School in New Haven, Vermont

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