Quick Tour of Eldridge Cemetery in South Burlington, Vermont

Today’s video, https://youtu.be/LVC4mspN-TU, is a quick tour of the oldest part of Eldridge Cemetery in South Burlington, Vermont.  It is one of only 2 municipal cemeteries in South Burlington.  This one is located next to the Airport.  What I found amusing is how the fence is on the airport and street sides, but is missing on the parking lot side.  (Private parking lot and tow away zone.)

I shall return and film earlier in the day.  I had completed the Fort Ethan Allen Cemetery beforehand and thought I had enough time to cover more ground.  Nope!  The sun set whilst there.  You’ll not notice immediately, thanks to a nifty camera trick.  That said, it was dark by the time I filmed the name of the cemetery on the front fence!

From Google:

“Eldridge Cemetery is bordered on three sides by the Burlington, Airport on the east of Airport Drive, South Burlington, Vermont. The first burial was in the late 1700s. Located at the Southwest corner of the cemetery is a large stone where 24 soldiers of the War of 1812 are buried in a mass grave. Apr 21, 2006”

The oldest section of Eldridge Cemetery in South Burlington, Vermont.

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