Fanny Allen Cemetery, Colchester, Vermont: Walking Tour

In today’s video,, I tour the Fanny Allen Cemetery in Colchester, VT.  It’s behind the former Fanny Allen Hospital.  This is a S-M-A-L-L cemetery!  The length of the video is under 18 minutes and I not only filmed each and every headstone, but also commented on many of them!  The fence was installed in 2019 around this private cemetery.

It is not noticeable in the video itself due to a camera lighting trick.  However, the sun was setting and given the location, which is tucked back under trees, it was getting dark FAST!  As you watch, I’ll be turning on my camera rig’s light a few times.  You’ll be able to see and read the headstone just fine.  I could not read it. 

These nuns were a part of the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph (RHSJ) and worked at the Fanny Allen Hospital. Their convent was next door.

Please join me as I visit the Fanny Allen Cemetery…

The Fanny Allen Cemetery in Colchester, Vermont, is a private cemetery located behind the former Fanny Allen Hospital.

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