Star of Horatio’s Drive: Where Dr. Jackson Lived in Burlington, VT

Today’s video,, is about Dr. H. Nelson Jackson, star of Ken Burns’ documentary, Horatio’s Drive, & filmed in front of his home in Burlington, VT!  Dr. Jackson lived at 158 South Willard Street after he married Bertha Wells, daughter of US Civil War General William Wells, Medal of Honor recipient. 

What was the good doctor’s claim to fame???  He is credited with being the first man to drive across the US in an automobile in 1903! 

Want to hear about his travails?  Want to learn about his driving experiences?  Want to know how he earned the Distinguished Service Cross for his actions later during World War I?  Watch my video!

This French Second Empire house, built in 1877, is located at 158 South Willard Street in Burlington, Vermont.

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