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Strolling Lakeview Cemetery: Part 4


Today’s video,, is Part 3 of my recent stroll of Lakeview Cemetery in Burlington, VT.  As I record more strolls of this beautiful cemetery, I plan to intersperse them here and there on my channel.  That place has 7 MILES of paths!  It’ll take awhile to stroll it all. 


Those flowering plants I ask about in each cemetery video are HYDRANGEAS!  Aside from planting, they require no work.  They’ll grow practically anywhere.  And they can be dried easily.  Yay!  I no longer need to ask!

In this video, I visited a newer area.  I’d honestly never seen this part before.  I regularly introduce my viewers to historical figures.  There are so many US Civil War Medal of Honor recipients buried there, for instance.  It’s an honor to talk about them.  This area was compelling in its own way.  And I’m glad I started there.

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