Strolling Lakeview Cemetery: Part 1

A friend had suggested I offer a stroll of Lakeview Cemetery in Burlington, VT.  It’s taken a while to return to my stomping grounds, but I have returned! 

In today’s video, we start at the guardrail on the side where a car must drive to enter the cemetery proper.  We’ll continue down that path until we see the area where paupers are buried.  I do mention a bit about them with the newer information offered by those who work for Lakeview.  I didn’t say as much about them because I’ve already a video.  There is a link in the YouTube description, as well as in the video.

After that, we’ll head to a newer area.  There were so many veterans, it was almost uncanny.  It was also interesting to see two headstone types both of marble and to use the second as a comparison!  THAT never happens!

So, take a stroll with me into Lakeview Cemetery in Burlington, VT…

From the guardrail

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