Plainmont Cemetery: Part 3

Today’s video is Part 3 of my visit to Plainmont Cemetery, which is on the border of East Montpelier and Plainfield, VT.  It is the last segment of this lovely place. 

The cemetery is flat, paved and well-cared for.  Absolutely NO broken headstones anywhere!  The first burial was in 1909 and given the fresh burials I saw as I filmed, it is still being used.  It appears to have multiple plots still available.

The stacked stone entrance is beautiful and the gates are not in place, at least at this time.  There are no lights, so when darkness falls, it is completely pitch black!

I snapped over 200 photos there.  If you want to see them, follow me on Instagram: or follow my Traveling for History page on Facebook.  I post pictures daily from my YouTube videos.

Snapped from near the front entrance.

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