Plainmont Cemetery: Part 2

Today’s video,, is Part 2 of my visit to Plainmont Cemetery on the border of East Montpelier and Plainfield, VT.  It was suggested to me by a member of the Montpelier History Group. 

I found two spigots there.  (Maybe there are more.  I happened to see two.)  The one close to the shed had a sign that stated Plainfield Hardware provided the water.  Plainfield Hardware and General Store is right next door.  The other spigot was chained in what seemed like a closed position.

Note that there seemed to be a lot of veterans buried there in family plots.  The number of US flags waving in the wind was stunning and beautiful. (I enjoy watching my flag wave.) There is no separate Soldiers Lot as Green Mount Cemetery has in Montpelier, VT.  (I have a video on that, by the way. Link here:

The first burial was in 1909. There are some beautiful headstones there. One had cursive writing on both the family name stone as well as the smaller ones with the full names and dates. I don’t see that very often.

There was a man I spoke with at length at the cemetery who gave me the information on the quarry. He volunteers to replace the flags on the graves of veterans.

Also, the cemetery is up against a horseshoe-shaped ravine. On the other side of that ravine was a quarry. It is now Coburn Pond. Apparently, when the quarry was being used, they dug too deep and hit an aquifer, which continues to feed this place! The ravine itself is quite deep.

This is a well-cared for place. In fact, on the Cemetery Commission’s portion of the Town’s website, I read the March 2021 minutes because I saw the word “damage”. They reported tree damage at the cemetery, organized a volunteer group and cleaned it up. Kudos to them for getting on it so swiftly! There are paved paths and the ground is not pitted. It was easy to walk. I’m guessing it’s about 2 flat acres in size. Very walkable!

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