Historic Adams Street Walking Tour

Today’s video, https://youtu.be/JunRgnWkdmo, is a walking tour of Adams Street in Burlington, VT.  No worries!  You’ll not actually see the walking portion and have to endure the huffing, the puffing or my seeming desire to blow the house down!  What you WILL see and hear are the brief descriptions of each house and who lived there. 

You may recall in the Provost Sanitarium video, https://youtu.be/CIvhwqHfdG8, that the first of the two sanitariums was on Adams Street.  I do mention it briefly and include a link to that video both in the description below the YouTube video as well as in the video itself. (Or right above here.)

The Smalley Estate
House on left was the Provost Sanitarium. House on right was where George Smith, manager of the Baldwin Refrigeration Company, was the first known resident.
Likely the home of Jeremiah French.

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