Visiting the Village Cemetery in Colchester, VT: Part 3

Today’s video,, is Part 3 of my visit to the Village Cemetery in Colchester, VT.  The cemetery is located behind 3 buildings including Burnham Library.  I had no sooner stated I’d not seen any Burnhams yet when POOF! I found a Burnham grave.  Timing is everything! 

Also in this video, I found the grave of W. W. Thompson.  When I read the description of this graveyard in Part 1, I’d stated that Mr. Thompson had lost 9 children to diphtheria during a diphtheria epidemic.  Sure enough, there are so many little tombstones.  <heavy sigh>  (If you’ve watched nearly any of my cemetery videos, you have heard me say how no parent should bury their child.  It’s heartbreaking.) 

Found a Burnham!
W. W. Thompson lost 9 of his children to diphtheria during an epidemic.
Some of W. W. Thompson’s children.

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