Strolling the Village Cemetery in Colchester, VT: Part 2

Today’s video,, is Part 2 of my visit to the Village Cemetery in Colchester, VT.  This cemetery is the largest both in size and burials. 

If you enjoy the look of the quintessential New England rural cemetery, then this is the place for you!

I did not see hours posted, but I would think dawn to dusk. 

Very impressive list of military branches and stunning number of wars/conflicts. Thank you for your service.
He was only 23 when he died. So young. In case you cannot read the poet’s name, it was Robert Frost.
A teacher’s grave with an interesting poem.
I first noticed the dog from afar and that quick glance made me think it was real. I’m a little afraid of dogs and was wondering how I could avoid it. Clearly, an unfounded concern, thankfully!

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