St. Stephen’s Cemetery in Winooski, VT: Part 1

Today’s video,, is Part 1 of my visit to St. Stephen’s Cemetery in Winooski, VT.  Come with me as I stroll this small church cemetery.  I’d wager it’s maybe an acre. 

You’ll see some children’s graves, as well as a variety of veterans buried there and so many family names you’ll recognize who epitomize the area.

It appears there could be some plots still available.  That said, the church closed last year and they were allowing temporary access at that time for burials. 

After filming, I discovered the St. Stephen’s records and budget were shifted to St. Francis Xavier Church, which is also located in Winooski, VT. I already know the cemetery for St. Francis Xavier is only selling cremation plots.

Should you venture forth to explore this cemetery, be aware the ground is very pitted and uneven. I stepped in an unseen hole and lost my balance…whilst I was recording! Be mindful of that as you visit this cemetery.

First entrance of two.
Looking at the largest area on the left.

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