Hickok-Burlington Cotton Company Tenement Building

“The Hickock-Burlington Cotton Company Tenement Building, https://youtu.be/uIreTN4IZDE, is probably one of the oldest surviving buildings at Winooski Falls. The structure was originally constructed to serve as a store for Reuben Harmon in 1811. Although Harmon lost the store to creditors less than seven months after it opened, the building continued to serve as a store and tavern during the early commercial development of Winooski Falls. By the 1830s, the building had come under the ownership of Burlington merchant Oziah Buell, who rented it out as a tavern, store, and dwelling.

Upon Buell’s death, the building was inherited by his daughter, Maria Buell Hickock, who with her husband, Merchant’s Bank president Henry Hickock, converted the building into a tenement after moving the southern half of the main block next door to allow for the construction of Barrett Street in 1853. In 1866, the Burlington Woolen Company acquired the building for worker housing, and it served as a multi-family tenement through the 1960s. The most notable change to the building after 1866 was the construction in 1924 of the west addition, which housed a fruit and grocery store until the early 1960s.

Significant alterations to the addition in 1961 made it non-contributing and this part was demolished in 1993. The building was in the process of being being rehabilitated in 1993.”-https://npgallery.nps.gov/GetAsset/dea77ff4-9ed4-4ae3-8c6e-69011d1827b1

485 Colchester Avenue and 8-10 Barrett Street in Burlington, VT

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