Closing of Sears Store at U-Mall in S. Burlington, VT

Today’s video,, is a photo series on the closing of the Sears store at University Mall in South Burlington, VT.  The last Sears in Vermont finally shuttered in February 2020.

I had enjoyed shopping there.  I certainly bought my share of tools from them.  Even better was when I purchased a utility cart.  I lamented it was in a box and I’d have to put it together.  That’s when the salesman informed me that THEY would assemble it for me and the SERVICE WAS FREE!!  It would take about half an hour.  So, I walked around the second storey, where the appliances, toys, bedding, seasonal items and tools were until it was time to return.  True to their word, the cart was fully assembled and ready to go!  Know what else?  They loaded it into the car for me!  And they were really nice about it, too.

I miss Sears…

Goodbye Sears

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