Burlington Cotton Company Tenement Building

Today’s video, https://youtu.be/MODYH4zDu7I, is on the Burlington Cotton Company Tenement Building located on Barrett Street in Burlington, VT.

“The building was probably built shortly after the construction of Barrett Street as a rental property by Henry P. Hickock (president of the Merchants National Bank in Burlington), who with his wife also owned 485 Colchester Avenue (#20) and 14-16 Barrett Street (#19). Burlington city assessment records and deeds from the 1870s refer to 32 Barrett Street as the “Red House.” Sold to the Burlington Cotton Mills in 1873, the building housed mill workers until 1928. 

Photographs and documentation by the Burlington Street Department in 1941 show the building being moved sixteen feet north and raised ten feet to accommodate the widening of Barrett Street. Although the building has been moved, it is still contributing to the historic district as the move was made more than 50 years ago and the building maintains its general position on the street.”-https://npgallery.nps.gov/GetAsset/dea77ff4-9ed4-4ae3-8c6e-69011d1827b1

Built in 1853 by Henry P. Hickok and later sold to the Burlington Cotton Company, which used it as tenement housing.
In the background to the left is the Champlain Mill. To the right is the Chace Mill. Certainly a short commute for the mill workers. Good thing, since they worked from sun-up to sundown.

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