The Duncan/Dubuc Forge & Blacksmith/Wheelwright Shop

I present to you the Duncan/Dubuc Blacksmith Shop,  Located at the corner of Colchester Avenue and Mill Street in Burlington, Vermont, it was well-positioned to serve the mills and its workers.  It is a 3-storey building. After the 1927 flood took out the Winooski Bridge, the new bridge was raised several feet. Thus, Colchester Avenue had to be graded 8 FEET higher! Eight feet of fill was used and the first floor was buried on the west side of the building. This link,, will show you what the building looked like prior to the road grading.

Watch the video to learn more about this building.

Duncan/Dubuc Blacksmith Shop
Rear view of Duncan/Dubuc Blacksmith Shop. Note it’s a 3-storey building.

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