Resurrection Park, Part 1: Largest Catholic Cemetery in Vermont!

Front gate
Just inside front gate
Bishops Closer
Both headstones in background and flat (or lawn-level) grave markers in foreground abound here.

Today’s video is my stroll through Resurrection Park cemetery in South Burlington, VT.  Link here: This cemetery opened in 1942 and is the largest Catholic cemetery in Vermont!

In Part 1, I had stated I knew someone who was buried there and I hoped I didn’t find him.  I’d like to clarify that was because I didn’t want to become emotional on camera.

As I entered the cemetery, I saw at the entrance that this was a “Roman Catholic” cemetery. All the Catholic bishops are buried there.

It was fairly busy with cars driving in and out, as well as people walking their dogs and/or pushing strollers. It was one of the busiest cemeteries I’ve seen yet. Also, this cemetery looked well-cared for. So refreshing considering how many I’ve been to of late that were over-grown and unkempt. Truly sad to witness, to be honest. All the headstones were in great condition. Some of the military flat grave markers are becoming unreadable due to encroaching weeds and grass.

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