St. Francis Xavier Church Watches Over Its Cemetery in Winooski, VT: Part 1

After my preview video went live, I announced it on Facebook and added I had found no information online about the cemetery.  Many on Facebook and someone in the YouTube comment section suggested I should contact the parish.  I took their advice and I’ll list below what Diane told me.

Year established:  1868
First burials:  1868
Size of cemetery:  Unknown
Open to new burials?  There are only cremation lots available.  OR…if you currently have a     plot, you are golden.  Those are your choices.
Mixed Religion Cemetery?  Somewhere between the 1960’s and the 1990’s, the cemetery was opened to non-Catholic and non-Winooski residents.  That said, she thought about 95% of those buried there were Catholic Winooski residents.
Notables:  Father Audet who founded the parish.
Location of older graves:  Older graves are closest to the church.

Link to Part 1:

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