Strolling St. Augustine Cemetery in Montpelier, VT: Part 2

Greetings All!  This is Patricia and I am Traveling for History!

Today’s video, link here:, is Part 2 of my Stroll through St. Augustine Cemetery in Montpelier, VT.  The place was suggested to me by someone in one of the Facebook groups to which I belong.  What a great call!! 

This cemetery is worth a visit.  There are multiple veterans buried there who served during World War II and Korea.  There are lovely tombstones with some gorgeous carvings.  There are some very interesting and unusual names from a variety of nationalities.  And it’s quiet and peaceful.  I felt I had stepped back in time.  It didn’t matter that it was at the end of a neighborhood; the St. Augustine Cemetery was a world unto itself.

As promised, here is Part 2 of two parts of my exploration of St. Augustine Cemetery.  It runs a bit over 17 minutes.  I was at the top of the cemetery.

A bit of the behind-the-scenes stuff, if you don’t mind indulging me.  You’ve seen my car; it’s a wagon.  I could not safely make that sharp turn near what I’d thought was a mausoleum.  (A commenter corrected that it’s a TOOL SHED!)  I drove down the hill a bit and saw a grass “road”.  No way I was going to try to drive up that!  But, I did try to back up onto it to turn around.  Nope, that didn’t work, either.  So, I drove all the way down to that upper gate and noticed a road to my left.  I decided to take that.  My car scraped horribly.  It was grassy/gravelly and as I got to the curve at the top it, it was ALL gravel and it wasn’t looking good.  My left rear tire wasn’t getting traction on the gravel.  Thankfully, it finally did and up the hill I surged!  Once it returned to pavement, I was happy!  🙂

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