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Today’s video, link here:, is on the Amos Cockle and Family grave marker at Greenmount Cemetery in Burlington, VT.  I focus on what appears to be the underpinnings of the monument.  Also noteworthy is how apparent erosion has crept up behind the marker.  Not too many years from now, Cockle will topple down into that ravine.  Since Greenmount Cemetery is all but ignored (because most of the cemetery budget is spent on Lakeview Cemetery in Burlington, VT), I doubt anyone would even notice.  Even if they did, would they go to the expense of dragging it back up?  That’s hard to say.

A tiny bit of history on the Amos Cockle family…

Amos Cockle had been born in Huntington and was a respected citizen.  He died in Williston while living with his daughter, Kate.  He was survived by three children, four grandchildren and one great-grandchild.  He had a married daughter who lived in Berkeley, CA and a son in Denver, CO.

Kate had spent four weeks in a “local institution” before her death.  She is buried with her parents.

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